Bar Napkins

Bar Napkins


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Please input the date you would like to pick up or receive these items by. Do not put your event date.
Please order at least 3 weeks to your event date. If you need an order for less then 2 weeks please confirm via email before placing your order. Not all colors are easily accessible. Any orders placed within 2 weeks are considered Rush Orders and will require a rush fee
The color of the napkin.
1 Color napkin per order set, 50,75,or 100.
You will be emailed to confirm the availabilty of the color chosen
The amount of colors for your design on the napkin.
Please note all napkins will be made identical.
Ex: 50 Pink napkins, Gold Logo, Or 50 Pink napkins, White -Amanda's Gold-30th.
Please choose 1 option
This much coordinate with the above information.
Please note not all images/logos from other designers can be used. All outside design are subject to modifications.
Extremely detailed and intricate designs with tiny pieces will not be used.
If you are unsure about your design please email before ordering.
Please choose 1 option
I understand the following: These napkins are only sold as an add on item to a 8x10 or 9x12 menu or Mega Bar Bundle. I understand if I do not order either a 8x10, 9x12 Menu or a Bar Bundle or along with napkins, I WILL BE REFUNDED. I have also read all of the props and understand what this order includes. 1 napkin color, 1 design, all napkins identical in color and design.

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50 Napkins:  (1 Design Only) -5x5 -1 color paper napkin -1 color wording -additional pricing for 2 color wording

50 Napkins:  (1 Design Only)


-1 color paper napkin

-1 color wording

-additional pricing for 2 color wording